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Smart Roof LLC is your local trusted Roof (Installation, Replacement, Repair) services for all your roofing needs.

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Stress Free Roofing Services in Troy MI

Is your roof looking worse for wear after a beating from the elements? Keep your house from becoming a leaking disaster area! We are your amiable neighborhood roof specialists, and we are here to make roof maintenance stress-free. We can handle any type of roof installation, including total replacements and small fixes. Our knowledgeable team will swiftly and effectively restore your roof to its best condition after diagnosing the issue and outlining your alternatives in simple, understandable terms. You can be confident that your house will be safe for many years to come since we only use the best supplies and provide a thorough warranty for our work. We specialize in roofing installation, replacement, and repair. Smart Roof LLC has been serving the areas of Troy, MI for many years and has the know-how to take care of your roofs with precision. To make your bookings, get in touch with our adept team now!

Experience The Utmost Safety With Our Window Services!

Windows are the eyes of your house as they bring in fresh air and natural light that uplifts your mood and illuminates your surroundings. Don’t let draughty, misty, or damaged windows ruin your fun!  Our expertise lies in installing, replacing, and repairing windows, enabling you to revitalize your house.  Would you like to reduce your utility costs and switch to energy-efficient windows? We can help you sort through the newest choices and select the one that best suits your requirements.  Does a cracked pane bother you? We will restore your vision and curb appeal by making your glass crystal clear once more. We are the pros of Windows services in the areas of Troy, MI. Here, we are backed by a team of highly skilled and trained contractors who will go above and beyond to install, replace, and repair your windows effectively. Wait no more! Just give us a call right now and experience the utmost safety!

Elevate Your Roofs With Top-Notch Skylight Services!

Have you ever had a dream about stargazing or soaking up the warmth of the sun? Your living area can be completely changed by a skylight, which lets the beauty in. Skylights are more than just ceiling-mounted windows. You can trust us to take care of all skylight installations, replacements, and repairs, leaving your new view worry-free and leak-proof. We will talk about solutions with built-in blinds or diffusers to give your room the ideal amount of light and coziness. Whether you want a vented skylight to let in fresh air circulation or a fixed skylight for a dramatic overhead view, we can help you find the ideal size and style for your area.  Furthermore, if you are concerned about the intense light, then that’s not a problem! We can talk about alternatives with shutters that will provide every space with the ideal ratio of comfort and light.  Allow us to assist you in making your ideal skylight a reality. We are located in Troy, MI.

Premium Gutter Installation & Replacement Service to Preserve your Shingles

Gutters are your home’s unseen protectors, they labor nonstop in the background to redirect rainwater away from your foundation and prevent damage.  However, damaged or clogged gutters can rapidly become a big issue. Cracks in the foundation, floods in basements, and even harm to landscaping can result from overflowing gutters. Avoid waiting for a calamity to occur before acting! To keep your property dry and secure, we can repair any damage or install brand-new gutters to replace your old, leaking ones. We ensure that your gutters operate smoothly for many years ahead by using high-quality, long-lasting materials and tried-and-true methods. In order to save you time and money by keeping leaves, debris, and even small animals out of your gutters, we also provide gutter installation. Look no further than us in Troy, MI.

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Smart Roof LLC is one of the credible roofing companies that tick-marks all your roofing needs. No matter if you want to repair or replace, we provide quality solutions to cater to your needs. No work is too small or big for us, therefore, we do all the work with extreme precision. Our knowledgeable contractors in Sterling Heights, MI source material from high-end brands so that your roof will shine for a long time. We do complete roof inspections to detect all the signs of danger so you won’t have to pay a huge sum of money for a replacement. Give our expert roofers a call and they will be ready to serve you.